About Des Fleurs Garden Club

Knowing, Growing, Showing and Sharing

That has been the theme around which members of the Des Fleurs Garden Club have developed their place in the history of Oxford, Ohio. The club was founded in 1959, because a group of ladies wanted to make the city of Oxford beautiful while sharing their gardening experiences. Members are required to have a garden, participate in flower shows, to help with civic beautification and to attend meetings regularly.

Yearly events include a May Plant Sale and Auction, a Christmas Wreath Making Project and a Christmas Holiday Luncheon. Bi-annual events are a Flower Show and a Tour of Oxford Gardens. All events encourage members to work with flowers, whether it is digging and selling plants from overgrown gardens, collecting dried materials for the wreaths, learning the art of floral arrangements or creating gardens that are pleasing to the eye.

Our Mission
Encourage pride in home surroundings, explore the theory and practice of horticulture, promote environmental awareness and conservation, and to practice community service and beautification.


Active Membership
The number of active members is limited to 50. Prior to applying for membership, one must attend 2 business meetings and work on 1 project, then complete a membership application and pay dues. Active members are required to work on 2 committees, 2 projects and 1 fundraiser each year (minimum) Active members are also required to attend a minimum of 4 business meetings per year. Active members are permitted to vote, chair committees and hold office. Dues are $22.00 per year.

Friends of Des Fleurs
We welcome all who wish to assist in club projects and goals, but do not wish to be full Active members, to become Friends. Friends are required to work on 1 project per year, with no other requirements. Friends are invited to attend the May Plant Sale and up to 3 business meetings per year, space permitting, with an RSVP to the meeting hostess required. Friends may attend the Holiday Luncheon as a guest. Friends are not permitted to pay dues, vote, chair committees or hold office. There is no limit on the number of Friends. A membership application is completed to become a Friend.

Life Membership
A member with at least 20 years of substantial contribution to the club as an Active Member may receive the honor of Life Membership upon recommendation of the Executive Board and affirmative vote of the membership. Dues are at the option of the Life Member. There are no club requirements for a Life Member. Life Members are permitted to vote. Life Members are not permitted to chair committees or hold office.


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