Want to join Des Fleurs? We’d love to have you!

Meetings: Our meetings are the 1st Thursday of each month, February through November, usually at 1PM, and consist of a guest speaker, refreshments and a business meeting.

Requirements of Membership: There are 2 types of membership:

  • Active Member: Start out by attending 2 business meetings and working with us on one project. If you think you’d like to continue with us, and we hope you do, then we’ll work with you on which committees you’d like to join. Our committees range from auditing and communications to community planting, publicity, etc. As an Active Member, you’ll work on 2 projects throughout the year, 1 of our fundraisers (May Plant Sale or Wreath-making or Garden Tour) and you’ll attend at least 4 business meetings throughout the year. Annual dues are quite minimal, at $26/year.
  • Friend of the Garden Club: This status is open to anyone who wishes to support the objectives of the club and work on at least 1 project per year. Friends are limited to attending 3 business meetings per year. Those who wish to more actively participate in the club should choose “Active Member” status.
CLICK HERE if you would like to view/print our 6 page document that fully describes Des Fleurs projects and fundraisers. The membership application is on the last 2 pages of this document.
CLICK HERE to print only the 2-page membership application.

We hope you’ll become a member of our club!